Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Choosing Video Game For Your Children

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as we all know, children love all about game specialy for Video Game, their so excited for it. right now so many Video Game we can choose, but we have to careful before we choose. here some tips for you to choose the game :

1. you can choose video game that your children has play in the past. so they can play
. and we know what kind of that game.

2. select game for your children age only. at this time so many game for different age so we have to read the back of the game box.

3. price can be important for selecting video game. it is make sense or not between game quality and the price.

4. allow your children choosing their game but we have to monitor them. if the game not for our children, we have to explain to them.

5. guide your children how to play the game. make some rule of playing time and don't let them playing all the time.


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