Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How to Master Mafia Wars

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1. Jobs/Investments
You’ll want to do some jobs to get some money. But pretty soon, you won’t have to do any jobs, because with the right investments, you can make more money letting your investments do the work for you. At that point, you’ll just be doing jobs to level up. Stick to doing jobs that give you the highest payoff/energy used ratio or the highest experienced gained/energy used ratio. This will let you gain money faster or level up faster, or both.

Once you have some money, you’ll want to invest it. Stick to getting the most out of your money. Mafia Mike’s is the best investment you can make, so get as many as you can. After that, only buy properties with the highest return to investment ratio. Don’t forget to include the land cost into this figure; once you build on land you lose the return the land gives you.

It’s better to stick the money in the bank until you can put it to use later. The bank will charge you a 10% laundering fee, but that’s much better than losing it all in a fight.

Once you have a stable income, you can move on to outfitting your mafia with weapons, armor, and vehicles.

Note: As you complete jobs, you will level up, and you will gain experience and Godfather points. Do not spend them without reading the section about leveling (below).

2. Winning Fights
To win more attacks, outfit everyone in your mafia with the weapons, armor, and vehicles with the highest attack ratings. The higher your average attack rating per mafia member is, the better your chances are of winning the fight. Usually the best weapons are awarded from the Godfather.

To win more when you are attacked, you should also have the weapons, armor, and vehicles with the highest defense ratings. When you are being attacked, your mafia will use those items to defend instead of the attack weapons. Again, the higher your average defense rating per mafia member, the better your chances are of winning the fight.

3. People that want to take you out
Instead of spending endless amounts of stamina trying to kill your attackers, spend 1 stamina point to have them killed on the hit list. There is always someone out there willing to kill your opponent for a tiny $10,000. You get to keep your stamina, and they learn you are ruthless and will not tolerate being attacked.

The benefit of this is twofold. Not only can you get even with your attacker, but you can also focus the entire game around defense. Since you won’t ever be attacking anyone, you can spend those experience points on defense, and increase your chances of winning more when you are attacked. This will keep your statistics higher throughout the game.

Also, you can check out a website I found where you can put their ID up on hit list without using stamina. It's

4. Leveling
When you advance your level, you are awarded experience points and godfather points. Early in the game, focus on increasing your energy. You should do this until you can have enough energy to do most of the jobs (I recommend about 40-50 energy points). After that, focus on defense and stamina. Later in the game, you can adjust the strategy a bit to fit your needs.

Normally, you should not spend Godfather points on anything except weapons. If you wish, you can earn godfather points by completing offers or purchasing them. In the event you earn some extra godfather points, use them to boost your skill points or to get specialty weapons. The other options (like giving you cash or a full energy refill) will come in time with no interaction required by you anyway, so why spend precious godfather points on them?
5. Mafia Size
You don’t need a large mafia to be successful at Mafia Wars. In fact, the larger your mafia is, the harder it is to play the game, especially early in the game. When you have a large mafia, you have to outfit each member with the best weapons, armor, and vehicles you can get your hands on. This costs a large amount of money, and unless you have a very large income, it’s better to just build your investments so you can afford to grow your mafia later. Once you have a large income (at least $1 million per hour), then you can start to grow your mafia. As you grow your mafia, remember to get both attack and defense items for them to use.

Tips & Warnings

  • When you are not logged in, money that you have earned from investments since you logged out cannot be lost in a fight. However, money you have not invested or deposited in the bank can still be lost.
  • If you have health below the fight threshold, you won't see when someone attacks you (and if you attack someone, they won't see it on their easy way to tell if they are too weak is to try to add them to the hitlist. If the game asks you how much money you want to spend, they are not too weak; otherwise, you will get a message telling you that you can't add them to the hitlist).
  • Do not build your mafia size until you have enough money or Godfather points to outfit your entire mafia with the best items for fights.

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